Wholesale desserts and squares are available to all local businesses.

The Cake kitchen offers a delivery service, competitive pricing, and a twist on all baking to make it unique to your location as well as a delicious range in gluten free, dairy free and vegan. 

Organic, heirloom and locally grown produce is used wherever possible, supporting local farmers and keeping up with modern food trends.

At The Cake Kitchen we want each store to have something different and unique for their customers so let us know what you are looking for.

Here are some product suggestions that We can twist and change to make yours.

Bars and Squares:                                         Cookies:                                 Desserts:

Fudge brownie                                                Peanut butter                           Roulards    

Spicy pecan brownie                                      Biscotti                                      Cheesecakes    

Millionaires Shortbread                                 Choc  chips                               tarts        

Oat and date squares                                      Shortbread                               Brulee            

Pecan Raisin squares                                      Oatmeal                                    Pecan Pie             

Cheesecake brownies                                     Chocolate                                Linzertortes     

Rocky road squares                                         Amoretti                                  daquoise                                  

Nanaimo bar

Lemon Coconut and Cranberry bar

Snicker bar

To find out more information on what we offer, pricing and delivery services, please contact Anna at 604-905-8298 or via email through the contact form.